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Cycling the Camino de Santiago - Day 11 (A battered body)

My body is breaking beneath me, piece by piece. 

Every day there is a new ailment. So far, I have eight - both ankles, both knees, my ass, my left shoulder, and both wrists. 

Hitting the road in the morning is becoming a longer and longer process what with the growing list of bits I have to massage and stretch and put anti-chaffing cream and Deep Heat on. 

But I am determined to at least get to Leon on Friday. After that I can reassess. 

Today's distance was roughly 35km on an undulating and slightly uninteresting road. 

Like I was saying yesterday, I have deviated from the traditional Camino walking route slightly, and it has gotten kind of lonely. 

There are no other pilgrims around, and there won't be any until I rejoin the route tomorrow. 

So for now I trudge ever onwards through orange landscapes and broken down villages. 

I stopped for a breather in a town called Melgar de Fernamental. 

It had a nice church and a place to fill up my water bottle. 

I stopped for the night at a 24-hour petrol station which had a hotel attached to it. 

Everyone there seemed to either be a policeman or a trucker for some reason. 

Tomorrow I hit the road for 60km trek which passes the halfway mark! I can't wait. 

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