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Dubai - Day Two (Fun at the water park!)

A friend of mine who lives in Dubai told me about the Wild Wadi water park. She said it was "amazing" and that I needed to put a while day aside to go there. She was right! On both counts.

I arrived at around 10am, which was actually a little later than I had hoped... But the time difference had caught up to me a little bit. I arrived, put my things in a locker, and hit the slides.

The park is very big, but not too big. If you spend the whole day there then you will get to go on everything and then spend a bit of time going again on the ones you really liked.

There were two standout rides for me. The first was a ride which was so terrifying that I actually didn't think I could go on it. It was the first ride I went to go on, and I actually chickened out. I couldn't do it. Instead I went on a few smaller rides and then came back to it. It was still as terrifying the second time I saw it.

You climb and you climb and you climb, up these hot wooden stairs, until you get to the top of a tower. You see the man who operates the rides, and you see two tubes at either side of him. Those daring to get on the ride have to step into these see through tubes. The door is then closed around you, and locked. A button is pressed, and a booming voice initiates a fear-inducing countdown. THREE... TWO... ONE...

And on one, the floor of the tube, which you are standing on with your ankles crossed, gives way beneath you. You plummet, screaming, through a deep, dark hole with water flowing all around you.

It is absolutely terrifying.

It took me five minutes of humming and hawing, but I eventually made myself do it. I needed to do it. I couldn't let it beat me. And it didn't. But it was one of the scariest things I've ever done. I'd say it probably comes in a close second to that time I did that bungee jump in the car park of a random GAA club in Cork.

The second ride I loved was a kind of wave simulator which you can surf on. I got a little obsessed with it because I kept falling off and queuing up again to get it right!

Overall I had a great day. Stayed until it was dark and left at closing time at 7pm. I had to be dragged out of the place! Definitely worth doing if you're in Dubai.

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