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Dubai - Day Three (Souks and Temples)

Lanterns at the Gold Souk in Dubai

My third day in Dubai was somewhat of a 'free day'. I planned nothing at all, and instead just went where my heart desired. In the morning I ended up in Old Dubai exploring the Gold Souk and the Spice Souk. Both are quite close to each other and it's a nice place to walk around and take pictures.

Spices at the Spice Souk in Dubai

You will get a lot of people coming up to you trying to sell you watches and handbags and scarves, but they are not very aggressive and will stop if you simply ignore them or say a polite "No thank you".

Since I'm travelling light with only my backpack this trip, I couldn't buy very much. I did end up purchasing a traditional dress however. I fell in love with it!

It was great fun haggling with the man in the shop over the price. He was a good sport!

I think he started at around 450 Dirham and I started at 100 Dirham, and I eventually paid around 200 Dirham. I know that sounds like he came down to my level, but he still got around €45 for it so I think he got the better deal to be honest.

After the market, I wandered to the water's edge. A friend who lives in Dubai said if I was in this area I should get an Abra boat.

So I hopped into one and opted for the hour-long trip. Total price, for a private trip, was 120 Dirham which is a little less than €30.

It was a beautiful ride up the river and the driver was a lovely man who also made a pit stop along the way to get me water.

After this, I explored the area a bit more and then took the metro to the IBN Battuta station to go see a Sikh temple.

Thumbs up with a local shop owner who sold me a dress

I had to remove my shoes and cover my head before going in to see the prayer room. It was a beautiful room with a gorgeous shrine in the middle. There were also three musicians singing and playing on instruments beside it, which was nice, and a man handing out a special kind of food once people had bowed and prayed at the shrine.

It tasted like nothing I've ever tasted before. It was very sweet. I liked it actually! You have to receive it in cupped hands, then bow, then eat it with your right hand. To eat with the left would be to cause offence.

It was nearly dark by the time I left the temple, so I went to the famous Marina area for a walk and some dinner.

The Marina is a fantastic place to take photos. From the water's edge, which is thronged with fancy boats, you get the full impact of just how large and looming the surrounding skyscrapers really are.

You begin to realise just how tiny you are in the big scheme of things, and how insignificant your little worries are.

After my existential crisis, I found Pier 7 - a huge building with a fancy restaurant on each floor. I went to Asia Asia, and it was absolutely amazing. The food was fab. The view was even better.

There was a bottle of Hennessy on the menu for more than €2,000... But other than that it was a fairly affordable place. Good for when you want to treat yourself!

Overall I had a great day in Dubai, though I was absolutely wrecked from it. But sure you only live once!

Dubai Marina by night

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