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My African Safari - Day 12 (The end of the road)

My trusty African safari jeep, parked up in Lake Manyara, Tanzania, Africa

I was getting used to sleeping in small tents at this stage. Not to the point where I would miss it, necessarily, but I had grown accustomed to it.

Today was to be the last day I would ever wake up in that little African tent. It was to be a relatively lazy day by African safari standards, meaning I woke at around 9am.

A beautiful, but unforgiving, landscape near Lake Manyara, Tanzania, Africa

After breakfast and a shower we hit the road. It was just me and my driver guide today - I had said my farewells to the Dutch group the day before.

We reentered the Lake Manyara area for a few hours of a morning game drive. We passed through a few areas of dense vegetation - trails winding around trees weighed down by leaves and vines. All the time, we were on the lookout for the tree-climbing lions known to frequent the area.

While we didn't see any, we did come across a lovely herd of elephants. We came upon them quite quickly, but they seemed content with our presence. We waited for maybe 15 minutes for them to move, as they were blocking the trail entirely, but it was a fantastic sight so I wasn't complaining.

My last game drive of the trip, we saw flamingos, hippos, and a LOT of monkeys. Strangely, the monkeys were all on the ground, walking around an open field. Apparently this was not strange behaviour, at all, but I guess I've only ever seen monkeys swinging from branches in trees so I assumed you wouldn't see them elsewhere. I was wrong!

Two cheeky monkeys I encountered on my African safari drive in Lake Manyara, Tanzania, Africa

After a hilltop lunch, it was back to the camp to pick up another fellow traveller and then onwards back to the Tanzanian city of Arusha.

While I wasn't due to leave Africa just yet - future plans included exploration of the area around Kilimanjaro followed by a few more days in Nairobi - it was indeed the end of my amazing African safari.

It was the perfect day to end it on.

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